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Retaining Walls Central Coast

Retaining walls can be done in a wide range of materials to suit all situations and budgets. Difficult sites are a specialty whilst working within council regulations.

A retaining wall is crucial to the integrity and foundation of your landscape because it keeps all of your other landscaping components in place. Bali Dream Landscapes lead you through the entire process, from selecting functional materials for your design space to ensuring your retaining wall adds value and beauty to your design. We construct new walls as well as repairing existing walls.

We provide a wide range of residential and commercial retaining wall services on the Central Coast. Our services include site clearance and preparation, bulk carting, post and stump hole drilling, and more.

We build retaining walls for:

  • Pools
  • Garden Beds
  • Outdoor Entertainment Spaces
  • Front Yards
  • Fences

Masonry & treated pine retaining walls to increase your usable space.

Even if your landscaping space is limited, retaining walls can boost your outdoor appeal by providing extra usable space. They are a good way to enhance the appearance of your landscape, regardless of the size of your yard. They provide a more levelled area, particularly for properties containing slopes or challenging layouts.

We can install a new design or replace your existing retaining walls with quality, long-lasting materials including masonry or treated pine materials. Our team will help you select a material that will match your space and take into account the landscaping design as well as the function and practicality of the retaining wall.

Masonry Retaining Walls include: 

Timber Retaining Walls include: